I had the surgery 1 month ago from Mr. Şükrü, who I searched for and found the nose surgery I wanted for 2 years. I am very pleased that they have been very attentive from the beginning of the transaction until now and have done what I wanted, no more or no less. If you are thinking of having nose surgery, I recommend you to undergo Şükrü Bey without hesitation.

My experience with a nose job at Şükrü Turan was great. As a fastidious person, I felt extremely comfortable there. Already at the first conversation I felt a strong sympathy. Every detail was taken into account and I was fully informed. During the consultation, I immediately realized that Mr. Turan is very sincere, as he made it clear to me from the beginning that he would respect my wishes, but only to the extent possible. This openness was crucial for me. The operation went excellently, without any pain, and I was able to resume my everyday life immediately. I was also extremely satisfied with the first inspection. I was explained step by step in every procedure. The team was very friendly and I had a good feeling about the whole thing from the start and can only recommend them!

I had rhinoplasty 2 months ago, I’m very pleased with the result 👍 the doctor is very neat and attentive to details. I didn't have any big boners after surgery or much pain. The recovery process is going well, I really like the shape of my nose, the doctor removed the hump on the nose and the separation at the tip of the nose. I'll leave before and after photos 😃

Thank you, the whole process was very nice.

My rhinoplasty surgery went great, the surgery process was perfect, thank you.

We are very pleased with the doctor's brain surgery. I thank him for his good work. I wish him continued success.

Dr. Turan performed my blepharoplasty surgery. It was painless and comfortable, I was informed about the entire procedure, thank you for everything.

Thank you very much for everything.

Great personality, excellent in the field of rhinoplasty..

Şükrü Hodja performed my nose surgery a year ago. I wanted to have surgery, but I had various concerns and fears. Compared to other doctors I met, Şükrü Hodja's sincerity and detailed explanation of every possible situation was the most important factor in my choice of doctor. After the surgery, I had regular check-ups and the doctor was very attentive and attentive at every stage. I would like to thank him for his services during this process.

I had a temple lift and rhinoplasty surgery performed by our doctor 8 months ago. Since I am a healthcare professional, it was impossible for me to trust every doctor and have surgery. Şükrü teacher's meticulousness and perfectionism in his work did not make me think even for a second. I'm glad our paths crossed, and I'm glad I had my surgery done by Şükrü. Everything happened exactly as I wanted. The process went very smoothly. Now he is the only doctor around me that I would recommend. I wish him continued success and thank him very much for everything 🩷

I went to Şükrü teacher as a result of my brother's research, I was very pleased, I went through the nose surgery without any pain, they were very attentive, thank you very much, I recommend it to everyone.

I have been wanting to have surgery for many years and I did a lot of research on this subject and I came across Mr. Şükrü and his warm and sincere nature made me feel very safe and I decided to have it done. There was no pain and I had very little swelling. Everything was exactly as I wanted. I am very satisfied. It has been 9 months. I haven't had any problems since it happened. I recommend it to those who are considering it🥰🫶🏻

It has been about a year since my nose surgery and my nose has almost completely healed. I am very pleased. If you are looking for a natural nose aesthetics, I think you should try Şükrü Hodja. I would like to thank him for the support and guidance he provided throughout the entire process.

Mr. Şükrü is so attentive in every transaction he performs that I am very pleased with it👍🏻

I went to Şükrü Bey for lip fillers. I was very pleased. I can recommend it without a doubt. I would like to thank Mr. Şükrü and his team for their caring behavior and the wonderful result they created on my lips. 😊

We are very pleased with your interest and interest😊

After the nose surgery performed by my teacher Şükrü in April 2022, I started to have a very beautiful, natural nose and very healthy breathing. Even though I did not follow all the advice and suggestions given by our doctor, I did not experience any problems. I thank him very much.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️🌺

I had my nose job three months ago and am really happy with the results. I've been breathing better since then and I really like the look of my nose. During the consultation I was informed about everything and given time to think things over without pushing me, which I find very positive. I can Dr. Highly recommend Sükrü Turan!

I had 2 sessions of youth vaccination. I saw its great effect from the first session. Doctor Şükrü gives confidence by explaining every step. I would recommend it to everyone.

3 years ago, we researched a lot of doctors for my sister's nose surgery until we met Mr. Şükrü. Itself; He is a doctor who is very good at his job, very professional, works meticulously, explains the procedure in detail, from the positive results to the complications that may occur, is very transparent and trustworthy. When I decided to have my nose done 1 year ago, I went directly to Mr. Şükrü and I am very pleased with the result. My surgery went very well, I was discharged on the same day, my breathing was much easier and I had a very beautiful nose. We are glad we met Mr. Şükrü. I would also like to thank his assistant Duygu for her interest and smiling face. 🌸😇

I would like to thank Dr. Şükrü Turan and his team very much. Like everyone else, I did research for the surgery and came across social media advertisements and contacted them. We made an appointment. I had a meeting to get information. I had many meetings until I came here. I saw a more honest approach than everyone else. I was given information about the negative aspects as well as the positive ones, just like other places. It wasn't salesy and it gave me confidence. I saw that my trust was not in vain, both before and after the surgery. A friendly and wonderful assistant, whom you can reach 24/7, approaches every problem with a solution-oriented approach, and will truly make you feel like your home. And now I have a really wonderful nose. It was a natural nose, just as I wanted in terms of aesthetics and visual appearance. There was no problem with my breathing, on the contrary, I had a much easier breathing. I would like to express my endless gratitude to Dr. Şükrü Turan and his entire team. My advice to everyone who is having a hard time making a decision is that you are at the right address now, you are in safe hands, do not have any fears or doubts😇

As a result of my long research for my nose plastic surgery, I came across Mr. Şükrü. He informed me about everything before the procedure and I went into my surgery very comfortably. It has been 2.5 years since I had the surgery and I am very pleased with my nose, it is exactly what I wanted and I have no complaints. I'm glad I came across Mr. Şükrü. I am very happy with my new nose. You should have surgery with your eyes closed, Mr. Şükrü, he is one of the best doctors.

Hello . I decided to have rhinoplasty 6 months ago. Also, my nose was crooked. I met with many doctors. I researched for a few months. Finally, I decided to be with Mr. Şükrü. I believed that I would have a perfect nose, and he made me believe. I had surgery and it was very successful. I went through the process with zero pain. Since my nose has thick skin, the settling process will take 12 months. I'm halfway through the process now, my nose is very beautiful. We can say that he almost sat down. A very gentle, natural nose. The more I look at it, the better I feel. I think Mr. Şükrü is extremely professional in his job. Thank you very much for your interest. I was very pleased. I can wholeheartedly recommend it to those who want to have surgery:)

First of all, he is a very valuable doctor. They took care of him in a very nice and healthy environment from the beginning of the process. Whether it was a hospital or his own clinic, it was very clean and spacious. The best doctor to go to for rhinoplasty. Thank you for everything. I'm glad I had the surgery with you.

Dr. Mr. Şükrü is a great doctor. I had a nose surgery at the end of 12 months. He was very attentive to Mr. Şükrü, he was very patient, even though I was constantly cramping, they always answered my questions and explained clearly. Thank you very much again, I love my nose very much, everyone liked it very much.

I had a nose surgery 1 year ago, I had a lot of worries, but when I met Mr. Şükrü, all my fear and anxiety disappeared. I had a painless process. It was never as I feared. His hand was very light. Everything was as I wanted. I am glad I met Mr. Şükrü. Thank you once again.

I am in the 4th month of my rhinoplasty surgery and I am already very pleased with the results. Mr. Şükrü answered my and my family's questions in detail during our pre-operative meetings and informed us about any complications that may occur after the surgery. He carefully listened to every complaint I had about my nose, and explained transparently the parts of my nose that could and could not be corrected. I can say that the post-operative period was painless for me, and he made sure that there was no problem with my nose, thanks to his frequent calls and check-ups, which would continue with decreasing frequency until the 1st year check-up. I would like to thank Mr. Şükrü and everyone who contributed to my nose 🙂

On June 1, 2023, I had rhinoseptoplasty with Dr. Şükrü Turan. I am very very pleased with the result! I was incredibly lucky that I ended up with this doctor. The doctor is very attentive and a perfectionist. Very competent. This doctor is very famous in Antalya. When I arrived in Moscow after the operation, everyone was shocked because I had no swelling or bruises. I recommend my doctor to everyone, who radically changed my life. I became beautiful. Now I can breathe without drops. The best doctor in my life! The doctor also has a very attentive assistant who answers at any time. I have always dreamed of such a small, beautiful and healthy nose. Thank you doctor🤍Allah razı olsun

I have been going to Mr. Şükrü regularly for 3 years. He works very meticulously and carefully, his products are of very high quality, and I get good results. I would like to thank my assistant Duygu for her interest,

We came for my daughter Rhinoplasty , We are very happy to meet with Mr. Op.dr Sūkrū Turan very helpfull , kind personality and very proffesinal he did results Thank you very much ,

I would like to thank my dear doctor, whom I came across and with whom I am most pleased, while it is so difficult to find such successful and experienced surgeons today, who can undoubtedly come and see you and surrender yourself with confidence. Upon recommendation, I applied to Şükrü Turan for Rhinoplasty procedure. I decided to have the surgery as my doctor was meticulous with his detailed information before the surgery, both visuals on photographs and information about the post-procedure recovery processes. He never lacked his support and interest during my surgery and treatment process. I am glad that I had the surgery by trusting the doctor. Thank you very much for his interest and concern. I will recommend this doctor to my relatives.

In March, I met with Mr. Şükrü and decided to have surgery. Like everyone else, I was very scared, but at the first meeting, he explained the surgery and the post-operative process in every detail. Of course, my fears did not go away completely ☺️ but a sense of trust was created, and in my opinion, the most important element for plastic surgery is trust in your doctor. It has been 6 months since my surgery and I am very pleased with the whole process so far. (Apart from the regret that I wish I had had the surgery earlier) The comment of my close circle that "it's a very natural nose that suits your face" makes me happy. After all, all I wanted was a nose like this. Thank you again for everything, Mr. Şükrü.

I am in the 6th month of my surgery. And now I have such a beautiful and natural nose.. 😍I can say that the best thing I did for myself was rhinoplasty. Of course, thanks to my teacher Şükrü.. As a somewhat obsessive and meticulous person, I had such a smooth and comfortable process that I am glad now. And I would like to thank again the sweetest Ms. Duygu, who tirelessly, with great patience, did not leave any of my questions unanswered during this process. 😍🙏🫶

Since I was a teenager, I didn't like my nose; it was very wide, long and hump-shaped. As soon as the opportunity arose, I started looking for a doctor. After some searching, I came across Dr. Şükrü Turan. After scrolling through the reviews and work, I decided to make an appointment. The doctor was very polite and attentive, he gave detailed answers to any questions and with his professionalism he immediately put me at ease and I decided to have rhinoplasty. On May 15, 2023, Şükrü Bey performed rhinoplasty on me and it radically changed my self-esteem! I'm very pleased with the result! If you decide to undergo rhinoplasty, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Şükrü Turan!

The doctor I have been going to for years does his job very meticulously. I am always satisfied with this place. He has magic touches and the quality of the product he uses is very good. Personally, I would never choose any other doctor. Thank you for everything. And I would like to thank his assistant Duygu for her kind attention and smiling face. May you always have success 🤗🌺

Die Nasenoperation war eine Operation, die ich 2012 hätte durchführen sollen, aber ich habe sie aus Angst um Jahre verschoben und mich für 2022 entschieden. In this case, Operation im Juli, keine Schmerzen, keine Blutergüsse, und ich war traurig über die verschwendeten Jahre Furcht. Sie können sich bei der Arbeit getrost einem absolut professionellen Team anvertrauen. Die Leute merken nicht einmal, dass ich an meiner Nase operiert wurde, es sei denn, ich sage es ihnen, und es ist auch sehr glücklich. Vielen Dank, lieber Sukru Turan und sein Team...Rhinoplasty was a surgery that I was supposed to have done in 2012, but I postponed it for years because I was afraid, and I decided to have it in 2022. I had my surgery in July, there was zero pain, zero bruising, and the sadness that I was afraid for years. You can safely entrust yourself to an absolutely professional team. People don't even realize that I had surgery on my nose unless I tell them about it, and it's also a joy. Thank you dear Şükrü Turan and his team...

The teacher is competent and very meticulous. I definitely recommend him, he is excellent especially in rhinoplasty.

I had the surgery 3 months ago and am very pleased with the results. The recovery was quite easy, the doctor is always in touch.We communicated either through Google translator, or he called a friend and she translated. In general, there were no problems in communicationI recommend)

I had revision rhinoplasty with my doctor Şükrü about 1 month ago. This would be my second surgery because it therefore required more care and attention. Mr. Şükrü was very attentive both in the pre-operative information and on the day of the surgery and after the surgery. He and his assistant Duygu Hanım were always friendly. My nose had so many problems and was so bad that I didn't think I would ever have a nose like that in my life. I am now in the 1st month of my surgery and everything is great. The process went very well, except for minor swelling and bruising after the surgery. Mr. Şükrü is truly the doyen of this business. Now I say I'm glad I met him and I'm glad I had the surgery. Thank you teacher.

Thank you doctor, I am still very satisfied in the 2nd year of my surgery. Thanks a lot.

I can say that he is the most sincere and professional doctor I have ever met. He is a doctor who I can recommend not only for his medical skills but also for his personality. He can be trusted in every matter. Thank you for everything. Hope to see you again.

Our very polite and friendly doctor 😊 the unchanging address of aesthetics, thank you 😊