Double Chin Lipolysis

What Does Jowl Lipolysis Do?

Jowl lipolysis is an aesthetic procedure that helps reduce excess fat in the chin and neck area. This procedure is especially suitable for people with fat accumulation under the chin. Jowl lipolysis targets fat cells, causing them to shrink and melt. In this way, a firmer and more defined appearance is achieved in the chin and neck area. The procedure is suitable for those who prefer it as a non-surgical option. Since the procedure is easy, it allows the person to return to daily activities in a short time.

For whom is double chin lipolysis suitable?

Lipolysis for double chin is suitable for people who are bothered by excess fat in the chin and neck area. This procedure can be considered in the following cases:

Fat Accumulation Under the Chin: Those with fat accumulation in the under-chin area are ideal candidates for this procedure. Jowl melting lipolysis can help reduce excess fat.

Improvement of Chin and Neck Contour: People who want a firmer chin and neck contour may prefer jowl lipolysis.

Those Looking for a Non-Surgical Option: For those looking for a minimally invasive option that does not require surgery, jowl lipolysis may be a suitable solution.

Cases where Fast Recovery is Desired: After jowl lipolysis, people can quickly return to their daily lives.

How is double chin lipolysis performed?

Jowl lipolysis is a procedure used to reduce excess fat in the chin and neck area. The procedure is performed by injecting a special fat-melting mixture with fine needles into the areas of excess fat accumulation. This mixture shrinks and melts the fat cells and helps the chin and neck area to gain a firmer and more defined appearance. The procedure takes an average of 15-30 minutes and people can return to their daily activities immediately.  It does not require a long recovery period. Results may vary from person to person and more than one session is required. Usually 3-6 sessions are required.

What are the Advantages of Lipolysis for Jowl Melting?

The advantages of the lipolysis procedure for jowl melting are as follows:

  • A Non-Surgical Option: Jowl lipolysis does not require a surgical procedure. Therefore, it offers the opportunity to avoid the risks associated with surgery.
  • Fast Recovery: People can return to their daily activities immediately after the procedure. It does not require a special healing process.
  • Targets Excess Fat: Jowl lipolysis targets excess fat in the chin and neck area and helps to reduce it. In this way, you can achieve a firmer and more defined jawline.
  • Minimally Invasive: Since the needles used during the procedure are very thin, the procedure is comfortable and easy.
  • Permanent Results: After the procedure, fat cells are metabolized by the body over time and the results obtained are permanent.

What Should People Who Have Jowl Lipolysis Pay Attention to?

There are some factors to be considered after the double chin lipolysis procedure. First of all, sun protection is important. Because the skin may become sensitive after the procedure and sun rays may cause irritation. You should also regularly use the medications and skin care products recommended by your doctor. You should remember that the healing process may require patience. You should keep in touch with your doctor and follow professional advice if you have any problems or concerns. It is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, taking care of adequate nutrition and regular exercise can contribute to better procedure results.  Drinking plenty of water after the procedure facilitates the excretion of fat from the body. By paying attention to these factors, you can make the most of the results of double chin lipolysis.

Jowl Lipolysis Prices 2024

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