Lip Lift Surgery (Lip Lift)

Who is Lip Lift Surgery Suitable for?

Lip lift surgery is a procedure performed to make the lips, which have an important place in facial aesthetics, gain a more prominent and aesthetic appearance. This surgery is especially preferred in cases where the distance between the nose and the upper lip is long and this situation negatively affects the facial expression of the person. The surgery lifts the upper lip and provides a younger and more vibrant appearance. Lip lift aesthetics can also be applied to make the lips look fuller. This aesthetic procedure aims to give a younger expression by shortening the distance between the upper lip and nose.

Suitable candidates for lip lift surgery are people who are healthy and do not have any serious health problems that may interfere with the procedure. In addition, it is important that the expectations of people considering this procedure are realistic and that they understand the changes that the surgery will bring. Like every aesthetic procedure, lip lift surgery should be evaluated individually and performed by a specialized surgeon. A detailed preoperative examination and counseling process are among the important factors that increase the success of this aesthetic procedure.


How is Lip Lift Surgery Performed?

Lip lift surgery, also known as lip lift surgery, shortens the distance between the upper lip and nose, making the lips look more prominent and fuller. The surgery can be performed under local anesthesia and takes about 1 hour on average. During the operation, the surgeon makes small incisions under the upper lip just below the nostrils. This incision is hidden in the fold under the nose, minimizing postoperative scars. Excess skin and subcutaneous tissues between the lip and nose are then removed and the remaining part is lifted upwards and reshaped. This process gives the upper lip a more lifted appearance. It also contributes to a fuller appearance of the lips.

Postoperative recovery is fast. The patient can return to normal activities within a few days. However, full recovery and clear results may take several months. It is important that the ideal candidates for the surgery are in good general health and have realistic expectations. As with any aesthetic operation, the potential risks and benefits of lip lift surgery should be explained to the patient in detail.

What to Pay Attention to After Lip Lift?

The things to be considered after lip lift surgery are very important for a successful and fast recovery process. Some important points that patients should follow:

Cold Compress Application: During the first 48 hours after surgery, cold compresses should be applied periodically to the lips to reduce swelling and bruising.

Rest: Plenty of rest is recommended for the first few days and the use of painkillers as needed.

Nutrition: It is important to eat liquid or soft foods to avoid damaging the stitches. It is also good to avoid spicy and very hot foods.

Hygiene: Keeping the mouth and lip area clean reduces the risk of infection. Follow the cleaning guidelines recommended by your doctor.

Smoking and Alcohol Use: Smoking and alcohol can negatively affect the healing process. It is beneficial to avoid these substances for a while after surgery.

Avoid Physical Activities: Heavy exercise and strenuous activities should be avoided during the healing process.

Sun Protection: After surgery, the lips may be more sensitive to the sun. It is important to use sunscreen products and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Correct Use of Medicines: Antibiotics and other medicines prescribed by your doctor should be taken at the correct dose and time.

What are the Risks of Lip Lift Surgery?

Although lip lift surgery is popular among plastic surgery procedures, it involves some risks like any surgical intervention. It is important for patients to know these risks and take them into consideration when making a decision:

Infection: As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of infection in lip lift surgery. Appropriate sterilization techniques and post-operative care reduce this risk.

Bleeding and Bruising: Mild bleeding and bruising may occur in the postoperative area. However, it is temporary and heals within a few weeks.

Delay in Recovery: In some cases, the healing process may take longer than expected. This may vary depending on the person’s general health and body structure.

Sensory Changes: Temporary or permanent sensory changes may occur at the operation site. 

Dissatisfaction with Symmetry and Aesthetic Results: There may be small differences in the symmetry of the lips after surgery or expectations may not be fully met.

Scar Formation: Every incision made on our body necessarily leaves a scar. However, hiding them inside the nostrils, aesthetically suturing them and using scar removal cream after the procedure will ensure that these scars remain less.

Alergic Reactions: Allergic reactions may occur to anesthesia or other substances used.

Lip Lift Surgery Price 2024

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