Upper Lip Line Filler

Who Can Use Smoker Line Filling Above the Lip? 

Lip line filling, also known as cigarette line filling and barcode line filling, is an aesthetic procedure used to remove fine lines that form over time, especially on the lips. The following people may prefer this application; 

Smokers: For those who have fine lines on the lips due to smoking, this filler is effective in reducing these lines.

Signs of Aging: It is suitable for people who want to correct the fine lines that appear on the lips over time and in the aging process.

Lines Formed as a Result of Mimic Movements: Barcode line filler offers an effective solution for the lines formed on the lips as a result of frequent mimic movements.

Who Seek a Natural Look: It is an ideal option for those who want to reduce the lines on the upper lip naturally and with minimal intervention.


How to do Smoker Line Filling (Smoker Line) on the upper lip? 

Smoker line filler is an aesthetic procedure used to correct fine lines that form over time on the lips. During this procedure, fillers such as hyaluronic acid, which are compatible with the skin and can be absorbed by the body over time, are used. With a fine needle, this filler is injected precisely into the lines above the lips. The injection is performed to reduce the depth of the lines and make the upper lip area look smoother, younger and fuller.

Pain and discomfort can be minimized by using local anesthesia. After the filling procedure, mild swelling and bruising may occur, but these side effects disappear within a few days. The full effect of the procedure occurs within a few days. Smoker line filler offers natural-looking results and may need to be renewed regularly. Because the filler is absorbed by the body over time. In case of any complications or for more detailed information, it is best to contact your doctor.

When is the Upper Lip Line Filler Done? 

Lip line filling is performed when fine lines that become prominent on the upper lip are seen. These lines may appear as a natural part of aging or may develop due to external factors such as smoking. In addition, deep lines in the upper lip area can cause makeup to look uneven and this may require a filler procedure. The procedure is preferred to contribute to the aesthetic appearance and self-confidence of the person.

Is Upper Lip Filler Permanent?

Filling for wrinkles above the lip is not a permanent solution. The fillers used in this treatment are substances that can be absorbed over time. Therefore, the effect of these fillers is temporary and lasts between 6 and 12 months on average. The duration of the filler may vary depending on the type of substance applied, the patient’s skin structure and lifestyle. For permanent results, the filler application may need to be repeated at certain intervals. For this reason, regular filler care for wrinkles above the lip is important to maintain a long-term aesthetic appearance.

Lip Line Filler Prices 2024

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