Prominent Ear Aesthetics (Otoplasty)

For whom is prominent ear aesthetic surgery suitable?

Claw ear aesthetics is a surgical procedure that aims to give the ears a natural and aesthetic appearance. Scoop ear surgery is suitable for

Children: It can be done from the age of 5, when 90% of the ear cartilage development is completed. It is recommended to be performed before starting school so that children are not adversely affected psychologically due to peer bullying.  Necessary controls should be done to ensure that children do not have any health problems that may prevent surgery. 

Adolescents and adults: There is no age restriction. People of any age group who are not satisfied with their ears can consider this surgery.

Confidence problems: People who have self-esteem problems due to the shape or size of the ears can also have prominent ear surgery. 


What are the Risks of Prominent Ear Surgery?

Infection: As with any surgical intervention, there is a risk of infection after prominent ear surgery. Hygiene of the surgical site and following the doctor’s recommendations can reduce this risk.

Bleeding: There is a risk of bleeding during or after surgery. In case of bleeding, re-intervention may be necessary.

Swelling and Bruising: Postoperative swelling and bruising may occur as part of the healing process. It is a temporary condition.

Suture Problems: Problems may occur at the stitches after surgery. Although rare, suture dehiscence or delayed healing may occur.

Not Achieving the Desired Results: There is a risk of not meeting expectations in terms of aesthetic results, such as the ears not taking the desired shape or experiencing symmetry problems after surgery. Both auricles are not 100% symmetrical and asymmetries of 3-4 mm are expected after surgery.

Anesthesia Problems: Anesthesia-related complications can occur, although rare, when general or local anesthesia is used.

Permanent Scars: Permanent scars may occur at the stitches after surgery. However, since these scars are behind the ear, they are not very noticeable.

Celoid or hypertrophic scarring: It is a rare poor healing problem. It is a healing problem that occurs due to overproduction of collagen by the body.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed?

Prominent ear surgery is a surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia, lasting approximately 2 hours. 

Anesthesiai: Local anesthesia is applied to the ear area before the surgery begins  so that the patient does not feel pain. 

Making the Incisions: The surgeon makes incisions behind the ear or inside the ear fold. These incisions are strategically positioned so that suture marks are less visible.

Correction of Ear Shape: The ear cartilages are reshaped with permanent sutures and the ears are brought into a position closer to the head. Otoplasty gives the ears a more natural and aesthetic appearance.

Suturing: Skin incisions are closed with sutures. The sutures are self-dissolving and therefore do not need to be removed afterwards.

Recovery Process: After the surgery, the patient is kept under observation for a while and sent home. The healing process may vary from person to person. In the first week, the ears are wrapped with a bandage. However, normal activities can be resumed within a few weeks on average.

What is the Recovery Process of Prominent Ear Surgery? 

After otoplasty, also known as ear shaping and ear reduction surgery, the patient is kept under observation in the hospital for a while and then can return home. Postoperative bandages provide support to the ears and reduce swelling. The stitches dissolve on their own, so they do not need to be removed. Pain, swelling, oozing bleeding and bruising are normal in the first few days. These symptoms decrease over time. Keeping your head elevated can help reduce swelling. Although the healing process varies from person to person, you can return to normal activities within a few weeks on average. Sports and intense physical activities can be resumed, subject to the doctor’s approval. The new shape and size of the postoperative ears will become more apparent as they heal. It takes about 3-4 months for the auricle to take its final shape. The results are permanent. Patients have ears with a more balanced and aesthetic appearance.

Prominent Ear Aesthetics Prices 2024

Kepçe kulak estetiği fiyatları; ameliyatın karmaşıklığı, cerrahın deneyimi, klinik ve bölgesel faktörlerden etkilenir. Kepçe kulak ameliyatı fiyatları, hastanın ihtiyaçlarına ve tedavi planına göre belirlenir. İlk adım cerrahla konsültasyon yapmak ve kişiselleştirilmiş bir fiyat teklifi almak olmalıdır. Ameliyatın maliyeti; cerrahın ücreti, anestezi, ameliyathane kullanımı ve takip kontrollerini içerir. 

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