Dimple Aesthetics

Who is Dimple Aesthetics Suitable for?

Dimple aesthetics is an aesthetic operation preferred by some people to add an attractive feature to facial expression. This procedure is also known as “surgical dimpling” and aims to create small dimples that mimic the dimples that naturally occur on the cheeks during a smile.

Dimple aesthetics is suitable for individuals who want to create dimples but do not have this feature from birth. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. A dimple is created by making a small intervention in the desired area of the face. The procedure usually takes a short time and patients can return to their daily lives quickly after the operation.

Dimple aesthetics is an ideal option for those who want to change their facial expression and achieve a more prominent dimple when smiling. However, it is important for people considering this aesthetic intervention to be informed about the potential risks and consequences of the operation. It is important to remember that the operation is permanent and irreversible.

As with any aesthetic operation, dimple aesthetics should be evaluated according to individual expectations and facial structure. It is recommended that individuals considering the procedure should make a detailed evaluation with an experienced surgeon and clearly express their expectations.


How is Dimple Aesthetics Performed?

Dimple aesthetics is a popular procedure to increase the attractiveness of the face. The surgery is a process that takes about 30 minutes under local anesthesia. During the operation, the surgeon makes a small incision in the patient’s mouth and sews small stitches into this incision. These stitches are connected to the subcutaneous tissue to create natural-looking dimples in the cheek.

There may be slight swelling and bruising after the operation. However, this condition decreases within a few days. The patient can return to normal life immediately after surgery. However, the full recovery process takes 3-4 months. The results obtained after dimple aesthetics are permanent and gain a more natural appearance over time.

What to Pay Attention to After Dimple Surgery? 

Some important points to consider after gamze surgeryin order to have a healthy and successful recovery process are as follows

First Days After Surgery: During the first few days, swelling and mild bruising in the surgical area is normal. During this period, you may feel pain and discomfort and you can use painkillers recommended by your doctor.

Attention to the Facial Area: Avoid putting excessive pressure on your face for a few days after surgery. Be gentle when touching your face and do things like face washing and make-up slowly.

Cold Compress Application: In the first 24-48 hours after surgery, you can apply cold compresses to reduce swelling and provide comfort.

Doctor Check-ups and Instructions: Do not miss the check-ups recommended by your doctor and follow the instructions given exactly. This will speed up the healing process and reduce the risk of possible complications.

Nutrition and Hydration: A healthy diet and adequate water consumption support your body’s healing process.

Physical Activity Restriction: Avoid heavy exercise and activities that overstrain your facial muscles for the first few days.

Cleaning the Surgical Site: Keep the surgical site clean and dry.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol: Smoking and alcohol can slow down the healing process. It will be useful to stay away from such substances during this period.

Dimple Aesthetics Prices 2024

Dimple aesthetic prices include factors such as the clinic where the surgery will be performed, the surgeon’s experience and expertise, clinic facilities and the technology used. In addition, the patient’s personal needs and the complexity of the surgery are also effective in pricing. Dimple aesthetic surgery prices become clear after a comprehensive pre-examination and consultation process. This process evaluates the patient’s expectations and health status, plans the surgery and provides a price offer accordingly.

Ameliyat fiyatlarının bölgesel farklılıklar gösterebileceğini ve bazı durumlarda ek masrafların (örneğin anestezi ücretleri, hastane masrafları vb.) olabileceğini unutmamak önemlidir. Bu sebeple kesin bir fiyat bilgisi için almak için bizimle iletişime geçebilirsiniz. 

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