Endoscopic Facelift

Who Can Have an Endoscopic Facelift? 

Endoscopic facelift; is a plastic surgery method preferred for middle-aged and older individuals. This method is used to remove sagging and wrinkles on the face. Endoscopic mid-face lift is aimed at correcting sagging and drooping, especially around the cheeks and eyes. The procedure is performed using a minimally invasive approach. This speeds up the healing process and minimizes the risk of scarring. Endoscopic methods provide a natural healing and aesthetic appearance with fewer incisions and scars.

Endoscopic facelift is suitable for individuals who have started to lose skin elasticity but still have a certain degree of elasticity. In addition, patients should be in good general health and should not have any health problems that would prevent surgery. As with any aesthetic surgery procedure, endoscopic facial aesthetics should be performed by specialized and experienced surgeons.


How is Endoscopic Facelift Surgery Performed?

Endoscopic facelift surgery is a frequently preferred method in modern plastic surgery and is performed under general anesthesia. Endoscopic facelift surgery begins with small incisions made in certain areas of the face. These incisions are hidden in the scalp or behind the ears so that scars are minimal. The surgeon inserts a small camera called an endoscope into one of the incisions. This camera allows the surgeon to see the surgical field in detail on a large screen. With the help of the endoscope, the surgeon corrects sagging by carefully moving facial tissues and muscles. During this process, the tissues under the skin are reconstructed and excess skin is removed if necessary. In the final stage of the surgery, the corrections are fixed and the incisions are carefully sutured. 

The advantages of Endoscopic facelift surgery include shorter recovery time, less bruising and swelling, and less prominent scars. However, it is important to remember that this surgery is not suitable for every patient. The patient’s general health status, skin structure and expectations are important factors in determining whether they are a suitable candidate.

Are Endoscopic Facelift Results Permanent?

Although the results of the endoscopic facelift procedure are long-lasting, they can be described as “long-lasting” rather than “permanent”. Endoscopic facelift does not stop the aging process. Skin and tissues continue to change naturally over time. However, the surgery significantly reduces the signs of aging and makes the face look younger. The duration of endoscopic mid-facelift results varies from person to person. The results remain effective for several years. The patient’s skin structure, lifestyle and genetic factors can affect this duration. 

After surgery, regular skin care and a healthy lifestyle are important to maintain the health of the skin and prolong the results. Not smoking, sun protection and a healthy diet can help the effects of the surgery last longer.

What to Pay Attention to After Endoscopic Facial Aesthetics? 

You should avoid putting pressure on your face for the first few weeks. You need to make changes from your lying position to wearing glasses. It is very important to avoid sun exposure in the postoperative period. Sun rays can negatively affect the healing process and cause scars to become more prominent. Smoking and alcohol can slow down the healing process and increase the risk of complications. Avoiding these substances contributes to a faster and smoother healing process. Excessive physical activity should be avoided, especially in the first weeks after surgery. Light walks can be done, but heavy exercises should be avoided. Eating a healthy diet and consuming enough water after surgery will help your body recover faster.

Endoscopic Face Lift Surgery Prices

Endoscopic mid-face lift surgeryprices vary according to different factors and therefore it is difficult to talk about a specific price range. The main factors affecting the cost of surgery include the surgeon’s experience, the clinic’s pricing policy and the facilities provided. In addition, costs may vary according to the needs of each patient and the details of the surgery. For this reason, contact us to get the most accurate information about the price! 

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